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Friday, November 24th, 2006
11:50 am - taking a break...

i'm feeling pretty guilty. i took 3 weeks off my class! :o( but they were all for good reasons, i swear!

1st week off: was packing for vacation to tampa, and i was leaving early the next morning.

2nd week off: was unpacking from my trip after coming back the day before

3rd week off: had my dad over my apartment for thanksgiving din-din

it should be interesting. i haven't done much stretching throughout my time away from the gym. i guess i could start stretching tonight after i get home, and maybe do a few handstands over the weekend.

rar! i'm so mad at myself! i'm such a slacker!

current mood: guilty

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Tuesday, September 19th, 2006
11:11 pm

Hi everyone, I just joined. I would really like to train in gymnastics, but unfortunately there are no gyms closeby to me right now that train adult beginners. Luckily, I'm only going to be here for a few more months.

I was wondering if anyone could tell me what I could do to prepare for gymnastics, since I know you need so much explosive strength. I'm assuming strength training would be one thing, but what else? What kind of excersizes did you do when you first started gymnastics training as adults?

Also, I'm skinny and I'm about average height. Will this work against me during training since I'm still not that strong?

Glad to see this community exists! Hope to hear from you all soon.

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Sunday, September 10th, 2006
10:39 pm - Gym videos (8/30/06 and 9/6/06)

So I just got a new camera, and I usually have someone tag along with me to the adult gymnastics class I attend (either my mother, or my fiance). They're nice enough to take little snippets of video while I'm there, so I thought I'd share the videos.

This is at Thome-Ohio Gymnastics, one of the very very few gyms in the area that offer an adult gymnastics class. They're about a 45 min - 1 hr drive from where I reside, but it's well worth the drive. Enjoy (and try not to laugh at my attempts at a back handspring)! Oh and Jess is freaking amazing. She's working on her kip on bars, very very diligently I might add. She's very close to getting it too! It will be any week now! *excited*


083006 First few front handsprings on mat

083006 Front handspring into pit

083006 Jessi & Lindsey back handsprings

083006 Jessi & Lindsey back handsprings

083006 Jessi working on kip

083006 Jessi working on kip - Lindsey working on front handspring

083006 Jessi working on kip 2

083006 Jessi working on kip 3

083006 Lindsey front handspring - Jessi kip

083006 Lindsey roundoff and back handspring - Jessi kip

083006 Roundoffs

083006 Roundoffs 2


090606 Bad backhandsprings into pit

090606 Bad backhandsprings into pit (out of focus)

090606 Cartwheels

090606 Embarissingly horrible back handsprings on trak

090606 Front handsprings on mat

090606 Front tuck off spring board

090606 Front tuck off spring board ( & Joe's front layout off spring board)

090606 Front tuck off spring board (out of focus)

090606 Jessi's awesome front tuck off spring board

090606 Jessi's good backhandsprings into pit

090606 Pike rolls

090606 Roundoff into mat

090606 Roundoff into mat 2

090606 Roundoff into mat 3

090606 Roundoff into mat 4

090606 Roundoff into mat 5

090606 Roundoffs

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Wednesday, August 30th, 2006
1:11 pm - Steve Nunno - Gymnastics for Girls DVD series

This weekend, I had the opportunity to borrow 3 gymnastics DVDs from the library: Beginning Gymnastics for Girls: Skills and Progressions, Intermediate Gymnastics for Girls: Preparing for the Team, and Advanced Gymnastics for Girls: Optional Skills. I do have to say that these videos are absolutely amazing! I struggle with several tumbling skills, and the coach, Steve Nunno, broke down each skill into steps that are easy to follow.

Not only do these videos show tumbling skills, but also vault, bars, beam, etc. They also give ideas for different conditioning drills. I really highly recommend these videos for all levels of gymnasts!

On Amazon.com:

Beginning Gymnastics for Girls: Skills and Progressions

Intermediate Gymnastics for Girls: Preparing for the Team

Advanced Gymnastics for Girls: Optional Skills

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Thursday, August 17th, 2006
5:37 pm - Aritcle: Adult Gymnastics - Why We Should All Do It

Adult Gymnastics - Why We All Should Do ItCollapse )

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4:42 pm - welcome!

I created this community for adults who are interested in gymnastics, whether they be beginners, experienced, or coaches. Feel free to ask questions or share experiences and tips!

My background: I'm 24. I was in gymnastics as a kid and never competed. I was persuaded by my parents to quit around 5th grade to pursue other interests (I started playing violin and took private lessons). My younger sister was in gymnastics, and is now a really good cheerleader. I love watching her tumble. It looks like so much fun and she just makes it look so amazingly controlled. I was one of the many that watched the 2004 Summer Olympic Gymnastics and was totally in awe. I thought "Why can't I do that?". So, finally, after I got up enough money, time, and courage, I went to my first adult gymnastics class in the beginning of July, and I'm loving it!! I like I'm in much better shape and I have a blast once a week for an hour or so.

current mood: happy

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