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I created this community for adults who are interested in gymnastics, whether they be beginners, experienced, or coaches. Feel free to ask questions or share experiences and tips!

My background: I'm 24. I was in gymnastics as a kid and never competed. I was persuaded by my parents to quit around 5th grade to pursue other interests (I started playing violin and took private lessons). My younger sister was in gymnastics, and is now a really good cheerleader. I love watching her tumble. It looks like so much fun and she just makes it look so amazingly controlled. I was one of the many that watched the 2004 Summer Olympic Gymnastics and was totally in awe. I thought "Why can't I do that?". So, finally, after I got up enough money, time, and courage, I went to my first adult gymnastics class in the beginning of July, and I'm loving it!! I like I'm in much better shape and I have a blast once a week for an hour or so.
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