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I've always believed that, no matter what the adults said ("grow up"), no one should ever let go of their childhood spirit. I took gymnastics as a kid. I did not compete, and quit in the 5th grade because I had other things to accomplish in life. I played violin and got pretty good at it, so I figured I should probably focus on that instead. My sister (who is 7 years younger than I) got into gymnastics and is now a really great cheerleader in highschool and competes with the cheer squad at her original gymnastics center. I always thought that the roundoff backhandsprings and tucks looked so amazing and was always envious of what she was able to do. When I turned 22, I saw the 2004 Summer Olympic Gymnastics on television and I was hooked. All that coordinated turning and bouncing around looked like so much fun and looked so disciplined at the same time. It was then that I started looking around for adult gymnastics classes in the area. I thought "Why can't I do that?" Well, it turns out that there is a fairly large community right here with me, wanting to do what I want to do. There aren't a whole lot of them in my area, but I think we're growing! They want to get fit and stay fit, all the while having fun and harnessing their childhood energy and expelling it over the span of an hour, once a week.

So to all you adult gymnastics students, welcome! I hope this community will be a fun tool to help people perfect their skills and share tips and accomplishments!